Best ways to recovers lost files from BSD Hard Drives

In today’s digital scenario, a number of online users are facing data-loss issues from any version operating system based on BSD-data then this is the best moment to recover all type of data. In such ways, you need to take instant solution from efficient BSD-data recovery software. Here, Stellar Phoenix BSD Data Recovery is the good and effective option for PC users. In simple terms, it is known as one of the professional and reliable software which is mainly designed to recovers deleted, lost or inaccessible BSD files from UFS1, UFS2 and other numerous variants of file system volumes. In most cases, the inaccessible files occurs due to boot record deletion, corruption of root directory, corruption of primary and secondary block, formatting of hard drive or volumes unintentionally, deletion of files, VTOC corruption and other irritating circumstances.              

In addition, the latest version of this powerful tool is 1.0. This type of utility is developed by Stellar Information Systems ltd. It has lots of amazing features and great usability, so it easily runs on numerous hard drive interfaces that includes SCSI, SATA, IDE, EIDE and many others. On UFS1 or UFS2 based hard drive volumes, it protects your files from worst reasons during recovering time. Due to huge usability, it performs instant recovery of UFS1 data in Solaris-Sparc based hard drives and other sophisticated volumes.



What are the salient features of Stellar Phoenix BSD Data Recovery ?

 It is helpful tool designed to recovers lost files from UFS1, UFS2 and other variants of hard drives or volumes.

It has simple, interactive user-interface, so it supports multiple versions of Windows-based systems.

This powerful utility is available in demo or trial version.

It has specific scan save option used to display the preview of recovered files or data.

This professional software allows you to alters your original files and also maintain data integrity.

After completion of scanning process, it displays the retrieved files and directories in the tree-view.

It uses easy interfaces through which it uses unix data recovery process from SATA, IDE and other distributions of hard drives.

With the help of this utility, you can easily locate your missing or lost files from your hard drives.

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Stellar Phoenix BSD Data Recovery – Lists of amazing features

This professional software or applications performs freely and smoothly and also supports instant data recovery process of unusable or lost files from three different variants of BSD drives such as FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD. There are the wide range of exclusive features that are classified below :   

Searches logical drives or volumes :

In software’s home screen, you will detect the two different option used to locates distributions of drives or volumes. With the help of this reliable tool, you can easily scan your hard disk or volumes when the partition table is suddenly damaged due to worst issues.

Locates inaccessible / lost folders and files :

In software interface, you will notice a specific search option used to locates your deleted, missing files and folders. This option is very helpful when the scan details are not acceptable. Then, you can select this search option present in tools tab mainly used to search your lost files and folders which are severely missing from the lists of scanning procedures.

Use File Mask option to reduces the recovery process :

When you launch the software you will see a specific File Mask option mainly used to diminish the recovery process in significant manner. Now, you can click on this unique option to check the recover files generated by numerous parameters including File Size, file type and date of file.

Facilitates specific close UFS1 data recovery :                            

This type of professional utility easily processes the selected volumes or hard drives and then successfully scans the storage media in order to collects all types of recovered files or data. It employs advance UFS1 recovery process to searches and recovers your deleted, damaged or missing files from the drives. It also preserves the legitimate properties and facilitates data maintain features.

Generate option to save your scan details :

With the help of this professional tool, you can easily save your scan results through UFS1 recovery process in your system. You will notice that all the scan details gets saved in DAT file format. Then, you can resume the scan results at any time that are listed in the left side.

Detects specific files or data in scan information :

With using the software, you can freely search any types of files in the the scan lists. With using ‘Find’ option, you can see ‘.pst’, ‘.doc’ and numerous format of files. In such ways, if you search any special case or character type word then you need to click on specific’Match Case’ option.

Generate ideal options for restoring recovered files and folders :

This powerful software or application uses two different methods to save your recovered files at specified location. With using this essential utility, you can smoothly saves your recovered objects in selected drives or volumes. Further, by choosing this ideal option, you can save your retrieved files at numerous external hard drives, network drive, attached removal media and other ZIP based drive.

Deploys apply filters to select recovery of files :

This advance software enables you to search different types of files presents in the scan output details by using specific Find option. By using this option, you can check .pst, .doc and other format of file. Not only this, you can click on Match case option to see the case-sensitive files.


Specifications of Stellar Phoenix BSD Data Recovery

  • Processor type : Intel(i386) and Sparc     
  • Use internal memory : 64 MB (Suggested 128 MB)
  • Hard disk space : Uses minimum 10 MB
  • Supports Windows OS : It supports
  • Language support : English, French, German, Japanese and many others
  • Version : 1.0
  • License : You can install the software on multiple Windows systems.

User Guide

User Guide : How To Use Stellar Phoenix BSD Data Recovery Software ?

Step 1. First of all, download the software from Stellar’s office site and install on your Windows PC.
When the installation process is finished, you will see the main interface of the tool.

Step 2. In next step, select the local drive or partition if you are not confirm which type of data get lost due to worst reasons.

Step 3. Now, click on Recover option to initiate start scanning process. Then check the scan parameters which are needed and then move to start button.

Step 4. When the scanning process is completed successfully, go to browse option to locates the files and folders that are accidentally deleted from your hard drives.

Step 5. In last step, click on save option that enables you to save your different types of files or data at your specified location of system.

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 Is there any demo version of the software available ?

Yes, the demo version of the software is available in Stellar’s official site. This demo version is designed for all online users. But like other software, it has some limitation. So, if you want to get the latest features and functions, you need to buy the full version of this software and install on the system. After buying the software, you will get the genuine key to activate for a long time.

Does the application provides any discount coupon codes ?

Yes, definitely, this application provides specific discount coupon codes while purchasing the full version from the sites. So, you can easily access the discount coupon codes available in software’s official site.

Can I recover the lost or missing data from drives corrupted due to unintentional hard drive formatting or VTOC corruption issues ?

There are few steps through which i can easily recover the data from drives, firstly launch the software and click on Select Physical Disk button from the toolbar. Now, select the physical disk that consists damaged, lost or inaccessible files. Click on start scan button that scans your hard disks for lost partitions or volumes. At last, the software analyses the hard drive file structures and then displays in tree format.

Why Incorrect key appears every time when I try to install the software on PC ?

In some cases, when you install the software on your PC, you will notice a lot of error messages on your system screen. Then, you need to check the user name and serial key which is activated in the software. So, you need to check the version of this tool and down the essential files from official page.


Customer’s Reviews and  Testimonials                           

Hello there, I have purchased the software a few days ago when my all personal files got accidentally deleted from hard drives. Then, I searched a lot of hard drive recovery tools available in software sites. Then, I just found Stellar Phoenix BSD Data Recovery and try to download from its official page. This type of utility is available in demo or trial version. To get latest features, I purchase the full version of this software and easily recovers my missing files from hard drives.    Martin Smith, USA

I am fully satisfied with using this software. With the help of this powerful tool, I can easily recover lost, inaccessible BSD data from distributions of hard drives. It usually runs on UFS1 and UFS2 based file system volumes. It has great usability and efficiency. So, I would recommend every to buy this stellar’s product whose data got accidentally corrupted due to improper formatting of hard drive, deletion of files and other worst issues. It offers lots of exclusive features. Jack Smith, New York   

 I had used the latest version of Stellar Phoenix BSD Data Recovery which is available in stellar’s official site. I had also use the old version of this tool but the latest version 1.0 is best and good. I suddenly lost my BSD data due to corruption of primary block, malicious virus attacks, hard drive formatting issues and other annoying reasons. The installation process of this software is very easy and simple. It gives instant solution to restores damaged, missing files from different variants of hard drives. Jack Helen, U.S.A 


For more details about software, watch the video..

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