Complete Summary on Stellar Phoenix Active Directory Repair

Stellar Phoenix Active Directory Repair is listed as one of the finest and professional repair tool which is primarily used to check and analysis the complete reports of damaged Active Directory database files. This amazing software or application was developed by Stellar Information Systems ltd. With using this advance utility, you can freely restore all Active Directory files to a new version of database on the computer machine. In addition, the application’s installer file is automatically present as a default executive file named as ‘spadr.exe’. This advance repair directory repair tool supports latest versions such as 1.0 and 2.0.                

Furthermore, most business organizations encounters plenty of worst situations where the Active Directory files begins malfunctioning. In such consequences, you may face database log on and authentication password failures and numerous directory access objects falls in unpleasant circumstances. Not only this, this powerful application gives best results and also generates new formats of Active Directory files to a latest directory file with the same domain name on another web server.



What are the salient features of Stellar Phoenix Active Directory Repair software ?


  • This utility is designed to repair damaged direct file and also helps in fixing active directory issues.
  • It collects all vital Active Directory components and their related properties.             
  • It displays the preview of repaired Active Directory Database files and performs quick recovery process.
  • This type of professional application creates default usernames, passwords for online user accounts.
  • It is user-friendly software that enables you to repairs MsMq, Printer, Contact details, InetOrgPerson and other numerous objects.
  • With using the tool, you can easily fix database corruption issues in your Active Directory database and also changes in your trusted Active Directory schema.

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Detailed key features of Stellar Phoenix Active Directory Repair software

There are the lists of technical features of Stellar Phoenix Active Directory Repair software that helps to repairs corrupt Access Database files, some of the points are mentioned below :             

Helps to repair Access Directory :

It is a professional repair utility that allows you to repair the damaged Active Directory database file known as ntds.dit file. It also helps to recovers your Access Directory files from disk problems, memory failures, suspicious threat infections and dreadful circumstances. The software brings complete AD objects to a workable condition and also restores every components presents in a file.

Used To Recovers Active Directory Components :

Stellar Phoenix Active Directory Repair software is a powerful utility which regenerates all components of your Active Directory database without making any errors . With the help of this effective application, you can smoothly contact details, MS MQ deyails, groups, InetOrgPersons, user name, passwords and other organizational units. The software enables you to performs full restoration process of the Active Directory database and also detects the directory service.

Shows the previews of Active Directory components :

It is known as inbuilt file previewer tool, the application enables you to directly restore the numerous legitimate AD objects as well as provides configuration files after completing the procedure of scan. Then, you can check the preview of several directory components that includes users names, groups, InetOrgPersons, MSMQs, Prnter, Contact and many others. In addition, when the scan process is ended, you will notice a special message stated that the data corruption problem has been resolved and your every single object has existed with same series of properties and other configuration details.

Generates two – three step Active Directory Repair option :

It is efficient and user-friendly software which features a series of instructions. This reliable tool has two- three step option, for instance, Scan and preview the recoverable file, Select the damaged ‘ntds.dit’ file and third step named as Save the file at any specified location. By generating effective repair processes, the software or tool easily removes any kinds of errors.

Instantly Restores all Properties of Active Directory components :

This advance and reliable software has latest rebuilding feature through which you can freely restores numerous properties of groups, users, systems, contact details and other various Active Directory objects in your database. Moreover, when the repairing process is completed, you have the proper options and different properties of Active Directory items and enables you to make your directory task very simple and unblemished.

Directly sets the default and secret passwords to user accounts :

With using Stellar Phoenix Active Directory Repair, it allows you to reset the passwords of user account details to user accounts. It generates special features to sets a unique password of your choice and and also creates series of random passwords. After that, you can save these passwords to a normal text file on your system. In addition, you can use another option by which you can change your password during login time.


What are the specifications of Stellar Phoenix Active Directory Repair software ?


Processor type : Pentium Class

Operating System supports : It supports Windows Server 2003, 2008, Vista, XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

Use internal memory : Minimum 512 MB

Use hard disk space : 50 MB of free space

Version : 2.0

Software delivery status : Yes

Language support : English and other regional languages


User Guide

User Guide : How To Use Stellar Phoenix Active Directory Repair software ?

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Step 1. In first step, you need to run the Stellar Phoenix Active Directory Repair software on your Windows OS. Then, open the main interface of the software and you will see a small dialog box and then click on Process option to initiate the process.
Step 2. You will notice a Select database file dialog box, click on Select File button to browse the damaged 'ntds.dit' file and then move to Scan option that helps to begin the scanning process.
Step 3. When the scanning process is done, it shows the preview of all recovered Active Directory objects that are listed in the left side in a tree-view. Then, click on plus symbol used to extend the user details.
Step 4. In next step, the software generates the main contents of the database in the home screen after completion of scan. You can choose any type of object like Groups, Users, Contacts and other AD items shown in the left side.
Step 5. Click on Save option to see all repaired objects.
Step 6. Now, click on first option to purchase the full version of software and select Ok button to proceed. In addition, if you have purchased the software previously then you need to click on second option and then click on Ok button.
Step 7. In last step, You can type user name and registration code details in Active Directory Repair dialog box and then click on Ok option to register the product.

Frequent Asked Questions                         

Q. What is the difference between the trial version and full version of repair Active Directory database software ?
A. The trial version of software only generates the previews of numerous objects in your Active Directory database location. Then, if you want to save and repair the database file then you need to buy the full version of this tool from stellar’s official site.

Q. How can I create a new a latest Active Directory database on the particular server with same domain name ?
A. Simply, you have to create an Active Directory database on another internet server with same web page name. After creating, this powerful tool will instantly restore all Active Directory objects of your damaged database to the latest database.

Q. Does the software generates any types of coupon codes ?
A. Yes, definitely this powerful software generates special coupon codes, so you can freely access the coupon codes while purchasing the tool from the trusted site.

Q. Is there any demo version of application available ?
A. Yes, the demo version of the software is available for all computer users. Being a PC user, you can easily download its demo version from the company’s official sites. But one problem is that, the trial version of software has some limitation, so, if you want to get full and latest features about the application, it is highly recommended to download the full version of tool from the Stellar’s main site.

Q. Why the incorrect key error notifications shows every time when I attempt to install the software ?
A. Sometimes, when you attempt to install the software on your computer machine then suddenly you notices a lot of error installation messages stated that the software is not installed on your Operating System properly. To get full features of the software, you need to type correct user name and genuine key details during installing.

Q. Can I attach the external hard drive containing corrupt Active Database to a working system ?
A. No, I cannot attach the extra hard drive containing corrupt AD objects to a working computer.


Customer’s Reviews and Testimonials


 Stellar phoenix Active Directory Database Software has protected me from huge data corruption issues. I have lost all the Active Directory objects accidentally. Then, I was really very worried about my certain files. After searching over the internet, I came to know about the software. I immediately downloaded its trial version of this tool and performs full scanning process. It displays in complete preview through which my files could be recovered. After purchasing the full version, I restored all the database files. It is really the best software. Thank you so much for providing such an amazing tool. Really appreciable. Mike James, California

Hey there, I am fully satisfied with the performance of Active Directory Database Software. A few days ago, I was facing lots of difficulty in using the application, then I have decide to contact the tech support team for resolving file corruption issues. After using this profession tool, I can recover my vital AD objects freely and smoothly. This type of software is extremely powerful and reliable that helps me in repairing corrupted Active Directory database files. Thanks to the developers who has developed this wonderful software. Elizabeth, USA  


A few days back, I suddenly lost the Active Directory files, then When I attempt to recover them with using manual procedure then nothing it gets failed. Then, my close friend recommended me to use Stellar phoenix Active Directory Database Software. So, I am really very happy because the performance of this software is good and amazing. This tool has helped me to repair all the legitimate AD files easily. The best part of the software is that it doesn’t demands any technical skill or knowledge. So, this type of software can be used by non-technical users. Thus, I would definitely suggest to buy this amazing tool to my friends and everyone. Thanks for providing this wonderful tool. Smith Henry, New York


For more information about the software, watch the video..

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