Complete Information about Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair

Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair is considered as one of the essential and professional application which is designed to repair Microsoft Access files. It has great efficiency and usability, it it known as very popular database repairing tool. With the help of this software, you can freely rescue damaged .mdf, .accdb that are extension files of access files.                          

According to team of security analysts, this application is armed with sophisticated algorithm that executes automatic recovery process of data from the corrupted database files. Now, you will notice that your several types of files including tables, columns, triggers, memo fields, hyper links, primary as well as secondary keys and other database objects saved in .mdf files.

What are the amazing features of Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair software ?


  • This tool is mainly designed for repairing .mdf and .accdb extension files.         
  • It allows you to repairs Queries, Reports, Forms, Indexes and other numerous database objects.
  • This professional utility works with multiple versions of MS Access application such as 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and other latest version named 2016.
  • It also helps to retrieves paassword protected files and modules.
  • It will perform full scan of the damaged access files.
  • Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair helps you to save your all personal files and restore them at your specified location.
  • Due to its huge usability, it can freely repair partly and other damaged .accdb or .mdf files.
  • It uses advance technology to retrive deleted records and tables and also remove user’s admin and other password protected databases.
  • The software is mainly equipped with robust algorithm that performs instant recovery process of files from the damaged access database files.

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Advance features of Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair

There are wide range of features provided by Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair, Some of the points are classified below :           

Provides complete Access database repair methods : It is a finest and essential tool. It includes complete repair option used to fix corrupted and damaged the extension files of access database files. This powerful repairing utility is developed with purpose of fixing your corrupted databases from program conflicts, hard drive failures, unintentional in database design and other worst scenarios.

Option to select and find damaged access database file :

The software generates additional options to instantly finds and select the lost database files from your system. In the software interface, you can select the drive in the Look in option where you may detect he .mdf file is already selected. You need to put a tick mark in Find in Sub folder option and Find in Sub folder option. This extra feature enables you to search numerous in several folders and sub folders in selected drive. If you wish to find the precious file, move to Select Folder and Find File option.

Used to recovers the data with other languages : 

With the help of this repair utility, you can smoothly retrieve the numerous details that are stored in English as well as other foreign languages. So, you can type the data in any regional language. This type of repairing utility can extract the information and also retrieve them at your desired location.

Rescue access data from linked tables :

When the access database is suddenly linked with other particular database program that are already damaged and corrupted. So, this effective tool freely rescue your files from these linked database tables. Like other applications, it has some limited features, it increases the usability of the software.

Displays preview after completion of scanning :

The efficient access database program has specific display preview option through which you can see the status of scanned components that are stored in the software’s main interface. In the tables, this software shows two different columns in the right-side and also generates the Table Data and Column Details individually.

 Find components in the Scan option :

This software has another Find Tree Item option which allows users to search their desired items that are stored in the lists of all scanned objects. It has lots of advance features, you can easily choose the preview option and recover your selected files in your specified access database in order to save your valuable time.

 Saves all repaired files at user’s desired location :

Once the repairing process is finished, the application provides two individual options that helps in saving the repaired database files. In order to save the new file, you can choose the separate location and select any type of folder on the system. In some ways, your all database files are selected for saving.

Covers various access database corruption errors :

In some cases, your MS access database programs often generates a wide range of unexpected error messages. It is programmed with sophisticated scan engine that assists users in resolving endless errors, unidentified database format and many others. With using this utility, you can smoothly eliminate some annoying errors including “file.accdb is not a vital database file” , Microsoft jet database engine gets failed to search the object and so others.

Instantly recovers deleted deleted records :

Like other applications, Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair has such an advance option that allows quick recovery process of various deleted records presents in the database.

Supports multiple recovery process of numerous access database items :

This software uses an instant approach in its own repairing process. It has advance utility through which it has ability to recovers your numerous database items such as records, forms, linked tables, indexes and modules from frustrating scenarios.

Software compatibility :

This software usually supports numerous versions of MS Access such as 2000, 2002, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. Due to its great usability, it works with numerous versions of Windows Operating Systems such as Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 7, 8, 8.1 and Win 10.

What are the specifications of Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair software ?

Processor type : Pentium class                                   

Supports and compatibility : It is compatibility with multiple versions of Windows OS including 2003, Vista, XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10.

Use internal memory : 1 GB Memory

Hard disk : 50 MB

Supports versions : It supports latest 5.5 version, so it can use on multiple versions of systems at single location.

Support languages : English, German, French and other numerous languages

User Guide

User Guide : How does Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair software works ?

Step 1. In first step, launch the application and click on Select 'File button' to search your files that are corrupted. If you want to search your lost files, type the file name in 'Search File Path option'.
Step 2. Now, you will see the lists of all access files that are listed in the separated drive. Then select the type of file which you want to repair.
Step 3. Now, click on Repair button to begin the repairing process. Then after, you will detect that the files are repairing in process. If you wish to see the complete analysis of files, you can click on 'Log Report' which is listed in the left-pane of the interface.
Step 4. Now, repairing process is successfully completed. Move your mouse cursor on 'Ok' button to check the preview of your all repaired database components.
Step 5. You will see that all repaired files are located in Tables folder. If you want to see the preview of all repaired files then click on any type of table file. For instance, if you click on Table 1, you will see the full records of tables in the main interface. Now, you can notice the data as well as column details in single table interface.
Step 6. In next step, the application will select and save your any type of repaired database at the destination path where your databases got corrupted. Your database file will directly save with new name titled as “repair_your-database-name” In such ways, you can also save the file at your specified location.
Step 7. The file saving is in continue process. If you wish to stop the process then you can click on 'Stop' button.
Step 8. When the saving process is completed, you will see a small dialog box states that repaired file will saved at your desired location. Click on Ok button and switch to your previous database.
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Frequently Asked Questions                  

Q. Can I repair corrupted database with using this software ?
A. Yes, I can easily repair and save all corrupted databases with using this powerful application.

Q. How can I repair the corrupted access data in multiple languages ?
A. Yes, with the help of this repair utility, I can easily repair the damaged access files in Swedish, Portuguese, Spanish, German and other versions of regional languages.

Q. Sometimes the software generates unexpected errors named repairing process is successfully finished. What is the meaning of this message ?
A. In some ways, when you launch the software then you will see these unknown messages on your system screen. It means that your access database is totally free from corruption issues. These notifications displays every time when the program has scanned your whole database and also repair corruption in the database files. So, you can also save the files at your specified location.

Q. Is there any ways to use access database application during recovery process ?
A. No, there are no any ways to access the database application while the recovery process is running.


Testimonials and customer reviews

 Two days ago, my all access databases got corrupted due to annoying circumstances. I have used lots of third party tools for reducing the corruption level, but nothing to do. Now, i just contacted the team of company’s developers they have suggested me to purchase Stellar Drive Clone software from its official portal. It is easy and user-friendly application which is capable of fixing the corruption level of databases.  Mark Henry, USA

It is an amazing and wonderful tool. The performance of this software is awesome. I got the tremendous results when I use the application. After using the software, I found a number of vital tables, queries and other that are successfully repaired at the correct location. This tool is very simple to use. It has user-friendly application with integrates lots of explanatory features.  Smith Johnson, New York                              


  A few seconds ago, when I launch the application, I suddenly noticed a dozen of damaged .mdf and .aacdb files. When I search the recovery tools in internet source, I just found a wonderful software named as Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair which is introduced by the developer’s team. If I compare this tool with other third party tools, then I think this stellar’s product is very good and best. Thus, I would recommend everyone to purchase this software from stellar’s official site.  Mike Daver, Thailand.

For More Details about Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair software, watch the video..


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