Detailed About Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone®

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone® is the new version of software used to recover user deleted corrupted feature such as Messages, Contact List, Photos, Media, Videos, Memory History, Call History, etc. that directly related to user iPhone. This software provides user to retrieve their lost data easily and recover it smoothly through that iPhone.

Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone® can easily recover user all missing file, Media, Video, Images, Photo Stream etc. This software can also recover lost data for various applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber, Tango, etc. Data Recovery for iPhone software supports various additional version of iPhones such as iPhone® 8 Plus, 7 Plus, 6S, 5S, 4S and many more. This version supports to recover Data from iCloud & iTunes. It can also recover data from common scenarios like Factory Reset, Damage iPhone, Water Damage, etc.

Salient Key Features of Software:-


A feature of the Software (For Windows):-

  • Recover Selected Data through your iTunes & iCloud in regard for Backup Files.
  • It can recover the complete iOS Database through this software.
  • Easily recover Database like Contact, Messages, Memory history, Media files, etc.
  • It also helps to recover the Deleted Notes and Safari Bookmarks.

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A feature of the Software (For Mac):-
  • It supports multiple iPhones devices.
  • Reliable incompatibly and for wide Support for user scenario.
  • It has technical to solve many problems individually
  • Help user Device for complete scanning.


Key Features of Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone® Software:-

Complete iOS Database Solution: Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone® tool facilitates user to recover its all lost or deleted data through their iPhone, iPad, iCloud, etc. This software provides an interface that guides the user to retrieve its lost data easily.

Use to Deep Scan for Recovery: The Data Recovery for iPhone is more predictable to deeply scan the advance Feature to recover data of its iPhone. It does a comprehensive beneficial scan of the iOS device to recover all lost database.

Provide One Solution for various Problems: This software has the tendency to recovers your data from iPhone such as file damages, phone reset Factory, Virus attack, undesired lost, etc.

Mainly Support Multiple iPhone device: This software enhances its property to restore data not only in iPhones but for also other devices such as iPad, iTunes, iCloud, iPad mini etc. and support for making it more helpful and scalable.

Recover with more compatible and effective support: Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone® software wills easily facilities the need of Windows & Mac users and its various versions to recover databases such as Windows version 10. 8, 7etc and Mac version OS X and many more.

Recover Deleted Folder & Notes: This software is more predictable with the user, in case of user loss their data accidently that provides a cloud backup for each losing database. It is also helpful in recovery of large size pages easily.

Easily recover Deleted Call History: In quite a time, the user wants to retrieve their contact history or call log for their precious use then this software help to recover their call history of iPhone.

Software Specification of Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone® converter:-

System Requirement:-

Processor: Intel Processor
           Operating System: Windows 8, 7, 10 & Mac OS 10.8 and more
           Hard Disk: Free space with 120 MB
           Memory: RAM one GB

Software Delivery:-

Electronic: Yes

License & Version:-

Version: 4.2
           Single User License: Easily install it on a single system

Interface Available:-

Language Support: Only English

User Guide of this Recover Software for Windows:-

Step1: It connects the device to ‘iOS ‘and select can select ‘Recover’ option from iPhone.
Step2: Open dialog box after selection
Step3: Select Data to recover
Step4: For selecting data, scan the device
Step5: Preview all the files, now Select for Recover
Step6: Recover from iPhone® from other idevices
Step7: Select your backup recovery file by clicking on “Add Backup” option
Step8: Now, select for recovery file and save it on location
Step9: Recover your iPhone® to iPhone® easily

User Guide for Stellar recovers software For Mac:-

Step1: First connect your iOS device to that iPhone® device for analyzing the data
Step2: Then, analyze the device that is selected
Step3: Now, Select the type for recovery the data
Step4: Scan the device for selected data
Step5: Preview the file need to recover and save it
Step6: Recover iPhone® from its backup files
Step7: Select to “Add Backup” from its existence files
Step8: Now, Select the file need to recover and save it
Step9: Finally, recover iPhone® Backup file from iPhone®

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Frequently Asked Questions:-

Does It necessary to have’ iPhone®’ install in the system?

Yes, it is important to install the latest version of ‘iPhone®’ in your system to recover your lost data from its source ‘iPhone®’ to its backup files.

Can I easily save my recovered file in HTML extension?   

Yes, you can easily recover your file in HTML formats for future use.

Does it help to see the preview of any data file before recovered it?

Yes, you can also preview your Contacts, Call history, Notes, and also Safari Bookmarks before doing essential recovery of your all lost database.

Does this software able to recovers encrypted iPhone® database without doing any changes with their password?

No, it is not necessary to change your password for your encryption database, just need to provide at the timing recovery your entire lost database. If once encrypted data is unlocked. iPhone® recovery software will scan the entire database/recover files through this software. If in case, user lost or forget their password then, it is hard to scan this recovered file by using Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone® converter.

What is the difference between in free trial version and the professional full version of this software?

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone® software easily helpful for the user to preview their important files that will be recovered with the help of this recovery software and gives all satisfaction to the user to get rid of their loss or corruption. But in the Professional version of this Phoenix data recovery for iPhone software is not able to give their all experience and provide the satisfactory result to the user. It is mainly helpful for the user to conduct their recovery without its all features.

About Testimonials:-

After hearing, about Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone® software, it gives us lots of satisfaction to recover my all database of my iPhone such as Contact, Messages, Call history, Phone backup files, reset history, etc. it features has pleasantly satisfied me and make me understand about its useful features. As, early, while searching for recovery software, I was totally incapable to retrieve my essential data but now, after using this recovery software tool make me help to get all easily. Andrew, USA.

Before proceeding further, I need to mention that how many problems I faced, while my iPhone data had totally lost and I am not able to recover it from my ability. But one day, my friend told me to use this product that totally capable to recover your necessary file or lost database. After, using this data recovery for iPhones, experience me lots, more than my expectation that how easily I will retrieve my database from its existence mode. David, Russia.

Accidentally, I had lost my iPhone data such as Contact, Messages, Reminder, Calendar, Phone backup history, Call history, etc. Currently, there is no any hope to recover my database without any loss. After, concern with my friend he told me to use Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone® software that usually causes various helpful for me and easily retrieve my all database without any loss. Andrew, Germany.


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