TIFF Recovery: How to Repair Damaged TIFF Files

What is TIFF file?

Tag image file is used for the exchanging of the bitmap image to the application. this file can be identified with their extension which are post fix of the file name as ‘.tiff’ and ‘.tif’.This file system was invented in 1986 by the industrial commit chaired by the aldus corporation. Microsoft and some other company was giving contribution on the invention of the file system. this is a most common image file format. this file format is generally used for the desktop publishing or 3-D application. It has the facilities of color palette,full RGB and many more. it is largely used in a publishing and printing industries.

How it gets erased?

There are many common reason for the deletion of the this media file some are listed below:-

  • It can be deleted accidentally when you remove previous image file or media from the devices.
  • File getting lost while I transferred the media from one devices to another devices,
  • it can also erased due to anti-virus attack to the drive where it stored.
  • This is lost due to unfortunate strike of the format button for that drive where the media is store.
  • When you creating a number of the partition this may also loss due to the improper division drive.
  • This may be also loss at the time when you share broken file transferred from multimedia devices (camera) to other device. This file is inaccessible in other devices but user assume it is successful transferred.

Apart from this some other reason may also happen but the most common reason for the deletion or erase of the media file is above. if it erase then we want to start the recovery work.

Manual method to recovered the file?

There are two ways to recovered the file without using the software

  • Check out the data in the recycle bin because the data is goes to the recycle bin after deletion.
  • This standard backup tools are available in window 7 and it was turned on at the time of the window operating system installing. follow the steps given below:-
    • Find the drive in the file explorer window where the file is deleted
    • After that select the drive and right click on the mouse and choose the “properties” option
    • Select the “previous version” tab. All version files information are available in this tab.
    • Choose the nearest date and time of the file which are deleted .if there is not found there then you try the
    • other version and so on until the file is found.

How to recovered with software?

If your image get lost due to any of the reason you will required a third party software to recovered our file. For this first of all we download the stellar TIFF Recovery software application from the trusted search engine like Google. After that install it on your device memory .it is the best media recovering software to recover the media file which are lost due to corruption or deletion. This software is compatible with all major devices like camera,mobile,laptop,personal computer. there are many features of the stellar TIFF Recovery software are listed below:-

  • It recovers all digital images ,videos,movies at any file format in three simple click.
  • It recovered all media file format(HD,MP4,3GP) very quickly then other.
  • It restore the data with original file format with the same name and the same date-time with same place.
  • It is supported for the all RAW file format of high resolution popular DSLR camera like canon,Sony,Nikon.
  • It can support with the all types of hard disk drive of the different company like Sony, Sandisk, Samsung.
  • it also supports for the all types of the action camera like gopro, germin.
  • It is very safe to use.
  • It will provide always satisfied result.

Apart from this they have also some key feature

Available for different types of language: it the best feature of this software because it is available for different types of language. it can supports 5 types of the language like English, french, German, Italian, Spanish. it provides the facilities to the user to modify the language at the time of scanning process. it does not required to reinstall the program for the language change.

Proper customization and user interface: it provides the user to working among the different interfaces and designed application. new updates are also provides new interfaces and design with new feature which interact the user. It always design the application more user friendly and give more and more scan result in low time.

Large media file recovering capacity: Many recovery software application available in the marketplace has failed to recovered the large storage media file. this software has a comprehensive feature to the recovery of the large media files very easily as if media file is greater then 5 terabyte.

Deep scanning Facilities: This software has great feature of deep scanning. for that it can be recovered more and more erase or corrupted file.

Selected media image creation: If you use disk and drive continuously the drive get bad sector so that the image stored in that sector will inaccessible. in that case this software provide a feature of selecting the preview media file and recovered it into the good sector after recovery.

Recovered Unicode system: This software is useful then other software at many aspect . It can supports all types of media and file format like Unicode file format.

You choose this software according to this feature and requirement and install it in your system,then follow the steps below

Step-1 : Open the application and click the tab mentioned above with the label audio,video,movies. select it according to your recovery requirement. if you have a external drive (HDD,pendrive,memory card) then first insert then lunch the application.

Step-2: select the partition or drive listed below from where images file is lost or corrupted like C:,D:,E:,memory card, pendrive.

Step-3 : strike on the scan button. your desire drive is started scanning.

Step-4 : software is scan all the multimedia file which are lost from the your drive.

Step-5: Application is displayed all the lost media file in a listed form you want to select the file which you want to recover, after selecting all the file strike the recovery button then all the media file is recovered and save in your devices.

As we all are shown that how photo recovery process is performed. Believe that this the very easy to recovered the erase or deleted photo by follow the above steps. All other application software have different technique to recover the lost image file.

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