Guidelines to Recover Encrypted PST File in Outlook 2016

Hello friends! I am Smith. I used Outlook 2016 as a mailing server. Yesterday, I noticed that my Outlook got corrupted and all the data related to the Outlook also corrupted. But fortunately, I have an Outlook PST file as a backup of the entire data. I tried to recover those data but when I open the Outlook PST file, it displays a tab to fill the password. Then I remembered that I have set a password for the PST File to protect the email, contacts, and others. At this time, I was blocked for forgetting the password. I have no idea about the recovery of Encrypted PST File. If you have any idea then please help me. All the help are highly appreciated.

MS Outlook is one of the most popular e-mail clients in the business. The program acts as a personal manager that effectively organizes the data. Outlook uses PST as a data repository that contains entire mailbox data, including emails, calendar entries, contacts, tasks, logs, and more. The PST stored on the client machine which can access further without making a connection to the server. Sometimes, the PST files Contain the most sensitive information that why users protect it with setting a password on it. Microsoft Outlook provides the feature to lock the PST File by using Password to protect your data from unauthorized access.

Setting a password on the PST files is beneficial as long as you remember the encryption code. If you forget then the situation becomes Worst and you lost the access on the PST files. If you are facing issue with your Outlook then your PST files get corrupted automatically. You need to recover you’re damaged/corrupted PST to restore all your emails, attachments, content, logs, notes, tasks, and calendar. A problem, such as PST Password, can create your important email for damage or loss, so you need to be careful when using an email service. PST is a Microsoft Outlook email client database store that is widely used around the world. The issue like corruption of Encrypted PST files is very popular. Errors such as PST Password are very popular and sometimes there are problems that need to be thoroughly reviewed in order to prevent damage and damage to the email. If you are faced with a similar problem, such as loss of Encrypted PST file then it is important to know what are the root causes of the problem that makes your Encrypted PST corrupted.

Causes Behind the corruption of Encrypted PST File

These are the main reasons that are responsible for the corruption of Encrypted Pst File. You should know the factor due to which the PST file gets corrupts and deleted and avoid the situation to be safe in the future. Here we will be going to discuss the various causes of the same issue. Take a close look the reason:

Network Device Failure: In business, there is a high chance that you hold your files on the network server and you try to access it from there through you client-server. In case, the connected hardware like the card, router, hubs, or other parts leads to the error then your PST file gets corrupts and damaged.

Failure of Data Storage device: Sometimes, your hard drive has a Bad sector on it and you store your data on that part. Then your all data gets corrupts and deleted and you start getting the error. It becomes impossible to read your email PST Data From Bad Sector.

Unexpected Power Failure: If you are working on Outlook 2016 and accessing the PST file and there is a sudden power failure take place then there are high possibilities that the PST file get corrupts and deleted. It is a prime reason for the corruption of the PST File.

Virus Attack: if your system is highly infected by the virus due to downloading files from suspicious sites, visiting the infectious site, playing online games, peer to peer sharing of the files, using an infected removal drive and other then there is a high chance that your PST file gets corrupts and damaged. Therefore, users must pay attention while downloading the freeware program.

Closing Outlook unexpectedly: the users are highly advised to close the Outlook properly. First, save all the file and then press the Close Button. Unexpectedly Closing Outlook always leads to the corruption of PST file.

2GB PST size error: At first, never thought that people would use Outlook as the primary email client, and its database would be more than 2 GB. It was programmed to store 2GB of data at an early stage, but as before, data storage grew, and PST began to corrupt when the size was over 2 GB.

In case, you are also suffering from the lost of Encrypted PST file then you can recover it with the reliable third party tool called Outlook PST Repair Tool. Lets, take a close look at the software and its key feature:

Complete Overview of Outlook PST Repair Software

Outlook PST Repair Software is an efficient tool that can easily repair deleted, corrupted and even corrupted Password protected PST file. It is compatible with all version of the outlook from 2000 to 2016. This allows you to save recovered PST file in a variety of formats, including PDF, MSG HTML, and more. In addition, recovered PST files can also be moved to Office 35 format for greater convenience. The software is well designed on the GUI interface that makes the software easy to use for even non-technical users. It is possible to choose the appearance based on the topic that you prefer. The best part of this software is that it does not compromise with the quality of the File and recover in its original quality. The trial version of the software is available for free download the trial version of the software to more about the software. So, Download the software fast.


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