BMP Photo Recovery: How to Restore Deleted BMP Photos

What is BMP File?

BMP just stands for Bitmap image file and its extensions is .bmp. It has only bitmap images data. Image data cannot be compressed or uncompressed. It does not require graphics more adept device to open the file. it contains wide verity of color depth and compression option. it is converted in the various other image formats (.JPEG, PNG) by using some application software. it is generally software and hardware independent images file which means to say that it can be open in all the software version of the window, android or Linux with any hardware configuration. it is supported in all graphics compatible application. it is generally used for window operating system platform. it generally stores two-dimensional graphical image.

BMP Recovery

How BMP files gets corrupted or deleted?

The image file is corrupted or deleted due to many reasons. Corruption or deletion of the image file is really for a concern. All the reasons are given below

  • the image file is deleted during emptying of recycle bin or trash of the personal computer or smartphone.
  • It can also happen due to press format button unconsciously to the devices where it stores.
  • It can also be affected by unwanted software attack like a virus.
  • It also occurs when you not properly handling the devices.
  • It also happens due to the corruption of the file system.
  • Image file also corrupted due to header file corruption

These are the very common reason for the corruption of the graphics image file, Apart from this, there are also some other possibilities for the corruption of the file. when it corrupted then you required a proper recovery option for the recovery of the file.

Error messages after damage of BMP files?

There are many types of the message generally displayed while the file got corrupted. some are listed below

  1. ‘The format of the file cannot be recognized. unable to open a file’
  2. ‘can’t find the header information’
  3. ‘paint can’t open the file’

1. ‘The format of the file cannot be recognized. unable to open a file’: This error message can be shown when I open the file which is incomplete at the time of downloading or sharing of images. This can happen due to any reason like network intervention or unwanted software effect like viruses.

2. ‘can’t find the header information’: this error message display when I want to import the file from one to another device or location. this problem generates due to the origin or destination location have some unwanted fault that is the effect the place or the path is not correct.

3. ‘paint can’t open the file’: this error message display due to resolution problem of the images. if the images have high resolution then it can’t be open in the paint application. So you need to be the other photo editor application to open the image file. Paint should open only PNG file it is also one of the reasons behind it.

How to Recover BMP Images?

If your graphics image is corrupted or lost due to any reason. then the time comes for recovery work perform. to the recovery of the graphical images, there are two ways which are listed below though we can recover our images.

  1. Manual Recovery
  2. Recovering Through software

1. Manual Recovery: if the data is deleted from the computer the only reference or header file of the data is deleted. Their memory space is allocated for some interval of time and it is stored in the hard disk drive. we can recover the data without the help of the software into three methods.

  • Check out the recycle bin where the data goes after deletion.
  • Restore the file from the backup, for this, we follow the following steps go to control panel, select the system and maintenance< backup and restore and select the setup backup and turn on file history from the control panel.
  • used system restores to recovered system data. by following steps.
  • Select the partition, right-click the mouse, go to properties
  • then select the “restore from previous version” tab and choose the previous version from the restore point.

Through these process, we can manually recover the lost or corrupted file. this method is not sufficient to recover the all media file recovered for this we will require a software to recover the file.

2. Recovering Through software: for this first of all download the stellar BMP Recovery software application. After that install it on your devices .it is the best media recovering software to recover the photos which are lost due to corruption or deletion and it is compatible with all major devices like camera, mobile, laptop. there are many features of the stellar BMP Recovery software are listed below

  • it recovered all digital images, videos, movies at any file format.
  • It recovered the images very quickly.
  • It restores the data with original file format with the same name and the same date.
  • It is supported for the all RAW file format of a high-resolution camera like DSLR
  • supported with all types of the hard disk drive of the different company like Sony, Sandisk
  • it also supports for the all types of the action camera.

Apart from this, they have also some key feature

  1. It is available for many types of language: it the best feature of this software is it is available for different types of language. it can supports 5 types of language like English, French, Germany, Italian, Spanish. it provides the facilities to the user to change the language at the time of scanning. it does not require to reinstall the program for the language change.
  2. has proper customization and user interface: it provides the user to work with the great interfaces and designed application. new updates also provide new interfaces and design which interact with the user. It always designs the application more user-friendly and gives more and more scan result.
  3. The capacity of large media recovery: many recovery software application available in the market has failed to recover the large storage media file. this software has a comprehensive feature of the recovery of the large media files very easily as media file is greater than 5 terabyte.
  4. Facilities of deep scanning: this software has also the feature of deep scanning for that it can be recovered more and more deleted or corrupted file.
  5. Unicode file recovery system support: as we all know that there are two file system supported Unicode and legacy mode. but this software also supports all types of format like Unicode file format.

you choose this software according to there feature and requirement and install it in your system and follow the steps below

Step-1: open the application and choose the options tab audio, video, movies according to your recovery requirement type. if you have an external drive (HDD, pen drive, memory card) then first insert then lunch the application.

Step-2: select the partition or drive listed below from where images file is lost or corrupted like C: D:, E: memory card, pen drive.

Step-3: strike on the scan button. your desire drive is started scanning.

Step-4: software scans all the multimedia file which are lost from the desired drive.

Step-5: Application is displayed all the lost media file in a listed form you want to select the media file which you want to recover, after selecting all the media file strike the recovery button then all the media file is recovered and save in your devices.

As we all are shown that how the photo recovery process is performed. All other application software has different technique to recover the lost image file.


  • keep update antivirus to avoid the infection of BMP media file.
  • We always keep backup of the media file from in more than one place.

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